Is Gerard Butler your go-to quiver? If so, it might be time to give him up. Not only because of the carby face and the pants problem and the bubbly moisture that gathers at the corner of his mouth…but because he could actually be infected with the most deadly disease in Hollywood for which there is no cure.

Apparently Ebola Paris Hilton spread her virus all over him last week at Bar Deluxe in LA. They were spotted getting “cosy” in a corner as she affectionately referred to him as her Braveheart.

Seriously. How hurting is Gerard Butler that he’d have to scrape the bottom of the urinal with that piece of sh-t hanging off his junk?

Here she is last night looking like a man, first hitting up the Ivy to get her pap fix before heading to a D&G party where she posed with her disjointed knees and elbows.


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