North America is already raging from her virus, Greece was besieged, Germany was infected last year, and now Hollywood Ebola has unleashed her disease on Sweden.

This is Paris Hilton’s new man. His name is Alexander Vaggo. Some young hot backpacker dude she picked up outside a hostel the other day and in her own Pretty Woman moment has dressed him up in nice clothes and hooked him up with a modeling agent. Her rep denies romantic involvement but we all know better. Saying hello for this whore is getting down on her knees.

Needless to say, when the stunned stud goes back home he’ll be bringing her skank back with him, exposing the good people of Sweden to what we over here have had to endure for too long – the Hollywood Ebola Hype Machine.

I’m telling you…she is unkillable.

Here’s Ebola rockin’ a little bloat face with her wonk eye at the AMFAR event in NYC last night. Is it my wishful thinking or is she starting to age…just a little? Must be the blowjobs and the speedballs. There is a God.