I"m harping. I"m sorry.  But look at this whore… as the paps snap away from close range, Hollywood Ebola shamelessly uses her poor puppies as props, posing gratuitously as they suffer through their miserable existence in her diseased arms. Then she takes her photo shoot on the road, picking them up, dressed in all kinds of silliness, and strutting around on the sand to show off a better angle.

Paris Hilton’s dogs are apparently not allowed to walk. Or roam. Or be dogs. Which sucks serious ass. Which is why they look so sad.

Because as all proper dog owners know, for those who do not abuse their dogs, for our dogs the beach is heaven.

Here’s my Marcus at the beach in Vancouver at the weekend chewing on some driftwood and enjoying the view. As for why he happens to look sad in the 2nd shot…he’s just been told it’s time to go home. After 2 hours.

I’m not an heiress but you bet your boob job, my dog has a better life.

When will the animal people stop this twat???