And so does his brother!

Never been so proud of my royal infatuation. He f&cks up all the time, but at the very least, he knows to avoid the Hollywood Ebola Virus Paris Hilton.


So last night at Whisky Mist, Ebola was flailing away when she learned that Hot Harry and the much less Will were at the club too. She angled her black hole vagina in Harry’s direction first, trying her best on those wobbly, wonky legs to approach, becoming more and more frustrated when none of her usual tactics were working. She even tried to dance suggestively and still the red Prince couldn’t be bothered.

Finally, unable to stand her movements any longer, he put her out of her misery and shook her hand before running away, probably to wash it. And to find Chelsy.

Chelsy looks like a girl you don’t mess with either. What would you give for a Chelsy Ebola throwdown?

This is when Ebola tried to hit up the future king. William was engaged in conversation with someone else as the disease sat down uninvited beside them. He acknowledged Ebola but when his guest got up to leave, he followed quickly behind, leaving it alone and utterly dejected.

Do you love it, or do you LOVE it?


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