I am addicted to The Dog Whisperer. Like many dog owners, Cesar Milan is our canine guru and his show is on automatic PVR – we record every episode and giggle every time he talks about getting a dog into a “calm, submissive” state of mind. Cesar is so fay, I love him.

But can you imagine what Cesar would say if he had the chance to unleash his Alpha Male all over these Hollywood twats?

Here’s Hollywood Ebola with yet another addition to her growing band of neglected animals. This time a small accessory dog – she purchased it from a pet shoppe which is, in itself, a source of concern. Pet shoppes sell puppies from puppy mills – dogs bred for sale only, without regard to health and wellbeing. And the more these idiots frequent these places instead of proper breeders, the more these animals will suffer.

At the hands of Paris Hilton however the suffering doesn’t stop there. Because among her busy day activities, “working” by day and spreading her legs and her disease by night, when do these puppies get trained? As Cesar would say – when do they learn boundaries? How will they ever get the structure they need to grow up to become happy well adjusted dogs? What will happen to do this poor thing in 2 weeks when she gets bored and decided to focus her attention on a koala bear?

And who looks after them when she’s out at night, making out with random nasty dudes, like Cisco Adler, and smoking pot? Per Us Weekly, that’s what went down the other night in West Hollywood. But weed is the only thing she smokes, right?


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