Seal your windows and protect your children… this is Ebola Paris Hilton leaving a medical centre yesterday. Rumour has it, she`s been desperate to conceive and is rather frustrated that it hasn`t happened yet.

Yes. That f*cking disease is trying to procreate. The world is about to end.

On a lighter note, Ebola is still at it with her fragrance enterprise and will be launching a new cologne later this year.

The name?


F*cking twat.

The photo shoot for Fairy Dust happened a few weeks ago. Benji tagged along with her, like a laptog, whipped beyond recognition, and the virus clomped around in shoes that were too small for her, with her foot fat squeezing out of a pair of silver pumps.

Am told that she was loopy the entire time, like her head had just been taken out of a bong after a full week of being smoked in. This is a good thing. If she keeps using, the likelihood of her getting pregnant is that much smaller.

Pray to Shiloh, ah-Jolie… please don`t let that bitch make a baby.

Photos from Wenn