Love Ellen but what the hell is she doing contaminating her show with Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton?

Ebola was on Ellen today using Nicole Richie for attention, dishing on Nicole’s pregnancy and the baby shower and telling the world that she intends to procreate, thereby assuring that her disease will be perpetuated indefinitely.

Needless to say, this is ghastly news for mankind. And I’m still shocked that Ellen’s studio audience didn’t 1. leave in protest and 2. run from the set wearing gas masks and screaming with terror.

In more satisfying Ebola news – looks like she was upstaged last week at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show by none other than that cell phone beating bitch Naomi Campbell. (Note: this incident apparently went down in 2005. Thanks Tia!)

According to model Miranda Kerr who is supposedly dating Three Whiskers Orlando Bloom, Paris charged backstage right before the beginning of the event and demanded that she close the catwalk. Organisers amazingly obliged her request and told her to pick any outfit she wanted.

Unfortunately for Miranda, she chose a pink dress that she was originally supposed to wear. Miranda wrote in her blog that she was tempted to throttle the twat but thought better of things…until Naomi Campbell walked in and ended up bumping Paris instead. Hee.

Says Miranda:
"Paris is about to walk out for the finale and Naomi walks in, so they rip the dress off Paris, she"s standing there naked and they put it on Naomi. I thought, that"s karma for you darling."

Eat it bitch!

Here’s Ebola and her manly ass body shopping the other day at Louboutin.

Photos from Splash and Wenn