She has already ravaged half of the young Hollywood population, now Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton is aiming her virus at an entire institution. And her disease is so deadly, she just might succeed.

Brace yourselves:

Ebola says she is going for an Academy Award. Her priority for 2008 apparently is to focus on her “acting “ because:

I want to win an Oscar.

Now we all know she’s not going to win an Oscar from “acting”…which only means she’ll try to win it from fellating. In other words, Paris Hilton will systematically, somehow, because this is what viruses do, worm her way into the pants of every member of the Academy until she not only secures an invitation to the big show, but someday maybe even a nomination.

Am beginning to think the only person who can take out Ebola is the Mighty Opes herself. And if the Almighty Opes is so hellbent on being an “Angel” why can’t she do us all a favour and get rid of Paris Hilton?

Here’s Ebola on Sunday leaving Hyde. The twat has been out every night partying hard with several boys at a time. I’m telling you, for every c*ck she sucks, she gets a little stronger.

Ebola will never die.


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