There are some f&cking idiots out there who actually look at photos of this diseased twat and squeal about how cute she is with her dogs… can you believe it?

This is not cute. This is animal abuse.

Paris Hilton has at least 6 small dogs. She calls herself an animal lover. And yet she has no clue when her dogs have wandered off her property, leaving the paps permanently stationed outside her house to fetch them from ACROSS THE STREET and ring the bell for her to let them back in. Apparently they sneak out under the gate because she’s too stupid to understand that they’re small enough to scoot through the gap. Because she doesn’t care for them enough to provide a proper home to protect them.

Any responsible dog owner would have made the necessary provisions.

But for this piece of sh-t, it’s more important to get her weave right than it is to safeguard her animals. And still she keeps adopting more.

How long will it take for the Humane Society to get all over her skank ass? How long?

Hollywood Ebola is killing the dogs.

Click here for the video clip – help them!