Finally her disease gets put to good use.

Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton’s new movie was released this weekend and earned only $80 per screen for a meagre total of $9,000. As Dina Lohan would say: Justice!

Still…it’s not all good news. The film’s per screen average amounted to about 10 people per screening. TEN PEOPLE who paid for infection. Who ARE these people??? And are they same the same ignorant f&cks raising the kind of children who’d ask Ebola Paris Hilton for an autograph?

Check it out – Ebola at her shoe launch the other day (she’s now competing with PayLess…snort) posing with a young fan, exposing an entire generation to the dangers of her disease, guaranteeing that her virus will remain with us…forever.

Seriously – where is this child’s mother? The woman needs a good old fashioned bitch slap to the face.

PS. Ebola turns 27 on the 17th. Word is she’s been celebrating by opening up her black hole vag to Simon Rex and hoovering a boatload of happy up her nose. Nothing ever changes…