We asked…and we received.

Hollywood was buzzing this morning after photos surfaced of Ebola Paris Hilton wearing a little bump after dinner last night. Given that she has been hellbent on spawning her disease, pregnancy speculation spread far and wide, not unlike her legs.

A sigh of relief.

Ebola’s rep has denied that it’s expecting although it has certainly been a happy day so far for the virus since she made headlines for the first time in a month, welcome sustenance just in time to feed a voracious appetite for attention.

Having said that… it’s only a matter of time. Word is she’s doing everything she can to make it happen. Because of course she wants to pitch a reality show chronicling her pregnancy, aware now that she’s tapped out all other famewhore avenues previously available to her.

This is true of most deadly viruses and super germs, see? They can adapt with the environment and change with the times.

Hollywood Ebola will procreate. Shiloh save our souls.