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Were we meant to be intrigued by Michael Jackson’s children the moment he introduced them to the world? They were presented to us. And they were also hidden from us. Because he knew about the oppressive nature of fame. But, deep down, he must have also known that elusiveness is also part of the formula for public fascination. When Paris Jackson presented at the Grammys last night, this is what I tweeted:

If we’re honest, we saw this coming from the moment she spoke, in anguish, at her father’s memorial, surrounded by her aunts and uncles, all of them performers in their own right, who helped her adjust the microphone so that she could “speak up”. Paris wore her pain on her body. It was only a matter of time before she stepped into her fame. That time, apparently, is now. In 2017, Paris Jackson, just 18 years old but who has lived a lifetime since her father’s passing, has decided that she’s ready to embrace her legacy. She is currently on the cover of Rolling Stone. She has hinted that she may want to get into music. She will make her acting debut in Lee Daniels’s Star.

So, if you are like me, and you are obsessed with her, well, weren’t we always meant to be? Of Michael Jackson’s three children, doesn’t it seem now that it was always going to be Paris? Prince is in college, not actively leaning into his celebrity but not running from it either. Prince II, aka Blanket, is the one who doesn’t seem to want any part of it, the one with the lowest profile. And Paris, well, Paris appears to be embracing it, leaning into it, pursuing it. She’s the one. Of the three of them, she has It. You could tell when during her interview with Ryan Seacrest:

And the It really lit up when she took the stage to present The Weeknd, an artist many have compared to her father.

First of all it’s impossible to take your eyes off her. And then she draws you in with the kind of natural charisma that you simply can’t teach. So self-assured. Already so comfortable reading off a teleprompter! How many times have we seen experienced performers incapable of delivering those lines without sounding stilted and awkward? Paris is a natural. There was nothing forced and, at the time, it also wasn’t over-rehearsed. She was one of the smoothest, if not THE smoothest, presenters of the night. And so we come back to that conflict. Because fame can be a terrible, ugly thing. She would know.

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