Jillian Fink, Patrick Dempsey’s wife, filed for divorce in January. At the time, it was reported that she was tired of his “out of control ego”. Click here for a refresher. Then Patrick got killed off Grey’s Anatomy. Rumour has it Shonda Rhimes was done with his sh-tty attitude. And she’s never denied that. So, apparently, he was a dick. And a lot of people in his life got tired of it.

Has he stopped being a dick? Or, at least, stopped being as much of a dick?

Because check him out in Paris this weekend with Jillian. Patrick has been in the UK shooting Bridget Jones’s Baby. Jillian is a makeup artist. She works with Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart, both of whom are in Europe. So they went for a bike ride. They took selfies. They were seen holding hands. Is the divorce cancelled because he realised he was an asshole and showed that he doesn’t have to be one anymore? Can an asshole stop being an asshole? Or is it just that assholes go on break?