Haven’t watched Law & Order since Angie Harmon left the show. Love Angie Harmon. Angie Harmon is flawless. And after all these years she looks exactly the same.

Here she is today at the 7th Annual Diamond Fashion Show preview in Beverly Hills.

Not so flawless? Debra Messing who, I’m sorry, just hasn’t made a good red carpet decision since having her baby. This dress is f*ckin’ ugly.

And you know what’s worse? What’s worse is that Debra looked worse than Patricia Arquette who is usually always the worst. Patricia is a darling but damn… her style choices are major catastrophes.

Remember this from the Carousel of Hope ball in 2004?

Amazingly enough however Patricia pulled it together today. Way better. And definitely not as bad as Debra.

Photos from Wenn