Have you seen Boyhood yet? One of the best films of the year, if not THE best film of the year. And Patricia Arquette gives an incredible performance.

Joanna sent this article to me today - even though Arquette’s role in Boyhood is a lead, IFC Films will be submitting her for Oscar consideration in the Best Supporting Actress category instead. Likely because she has a better chance there. Purists will say that’s unfair. But then again, when have the Oscars ever been fair? And it’s not like she won’t be invited to the party at all. This way, she might not have to throw herself into a three-way fight for the award. Taking on Witherspoon and Moore might be too much for Boyhood, given IFC’s smaller budget and her lower profile.

You already know that Reese Witherspoon is campaigning hard for her second win. But she might not walk away from it. Coming out of TIFF, it was Julianne Moore in Still Alice who surged, especially after Sony acquired Still Alice. I should mention here that Morley, our boss at etalk predicted it two months ago – that Julianne Moore would be a legitimate contender, even the lead contender, and she’s So.F-cking.Overdue for it, with so much respect among her peers, it’s almost inconceivable that she won’t be on the list of five. 

Here’s Moore out with husband Bart Freundlich earlier this week.