According to The National Enquirer via the NY Daily News , Isaiah Washington freaked out on Patrick Dempsey the other day on the set of Grey"s Anatomy, at one point putting allegedly grabbing McDreamy by the throat. And before you dismiss the story as tabloid junk, Patrick"s publicist confirmed there was an argument on set while downplaying the severity and chalking it up to regular family dynamics that result from a close-knit cast. According to others sources, Dr Burke isn"t taking too kindly Dempsey"s "cover boy" status, jealous perhaps over the attention being lavished on his counterpart, bitter that it"s McDreamy who is the "face of the show" and not him. The incident started while waiting to shoot a scene, Washington was prepared and was grumpy about having to wait on someone who was late, supposedly blaming TR Knight. When Patrick leapt to Knight"s defence by retorting "Pick on someone your own size," Isaiah "became enraged" and grabbed Dempsey by the throat - SO unattractive and if true, also a big, big mistake. Now I"ve always said, I"ll take Burke over McDreamy any day, I find his relationship with Cristina much more compelling, and she much less annoying than Meredith and dry mouth/squinty eyes, and although he is certainly less high profile than the one with the Hair, in my eyes, Burke was always Pacey Witter anyway...the one to come along later, the one to pick up the slack after Dawson dimmed, the one to really get "em going in the end. It requires more patience - clearly something Washington needs more of - and unfortunately right now it requires a second chance. Because while McDreamy"s actions will only be described as nauseatingly heroic, Washington"s will likely be labeled primadonna...not exactly panty ripping, and definitely no help to his cause.