For the last three years, Patrick Dempsey has come in 2nd. Second to Matthew McConaughey, second to George, now second to Matt Damon.

As mentioned before, the Sexiest Man Alive is almost always a Movie Star. And while Grey’s has certainly resurrected his career, and even though Patrick hopes to finally reconquer the silver screen with Enchanted, right now, he is NOT a movie star.

Still… it’s always so unfair the way the first runner up is treated. And so for your viewing pleasure, here are scans from Entertainment Weekly– the issue 3 weeks ago. Favourite photos of him ever.

Patrick is very candid in the interview. He has no desire to experiment on the indie circuit to stretch his “craft”. He doesn’t secretly hope for Oscar. He knows he squandered a decade and a half in relative obscurity. Now, with the opportunity, he’ll make as many movies as possible. As many romantic comedies as possible. He offers no apologies for wanting to become a MOVIE STAR again…essentially, but with more honesty, he is the male version of Jennifer Aniston, only she keeps dreaming the impossible golden dream.

In a parallel universe, they’d be the perfect couple.

Enjoy the images. He is dreamy.