Sad, sad, f-cking sad. The National Enquirer is reporting that during the much reported fight with Patrick Dempsey on the set of Grey"s Anatomy the other day, Isaiah Washington lost his sh-t: “I’m not your little faggot like (name deleted),” presumably referring to TR Knight who plays George who also announced today that he"s gay. Sigh. I really know how to pick "em, don"t I? Well…if true - and I"m inclined to believe since Ted Casablanca also hinted at it earlier in his column today - it would mean that Dr Burke is a homo hater. And since I"m a homo lover, it naturally follows that I"m a Burke hater too. Double sigh. Can"t believe a minority actor in Hollywood with so much experience on the stage, where fairies literally and figuratively play such an important role - can"t believe Isaiah turned out to be such a dickhead. And in light of these shocking developments, it"s time to throw the primetime love over to McSteamy, married to Toni McKay, dead wife of Dylan McKay, and who can deny a 90210 connection??? Besides, Burke or not…McDreamy will never move my loins.