Never mind Patrick Dempsey. Never mind “The McDreamy Hair”. The McDreamy and the McDreamy Hair don’t hold a feather boa to TR Knight. Like, is he The Hotness or what??? Rockin’ his very own version of the do’, looking impeccable in black on black… my gays have been goin’ gangbusters for TR for months. I now totally understand why. As for the new report that has surfaced about him leaving the show, disappointed in the way ABC and Grey’s executives have handled the Washington situation – he was definitely toying with it back in the Fall but I’m told pragmatism has prevailed. From an acting perspective, it’s a very sweet gig…the kind of gig that doesn’t come along too often, and now that the entire Queer Nation has mobilized in his defense, word is he was counseled to capitalise on the coddling as his role and his profile continue to grow. An openly gay sex symbol, appealing to both sides…do you love it or do you LOVE it? Source