Oscar Contest Winners

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 22, 2006 12:00:00 March 22, 2006 12:00:00
Congratulations to Marissa S from Toronto, Canada for correctly predicting 20 out of 24 categories and being the first to send in her ballot among those who had the same score. Marissa wins a $250 gift certificate to Lululemon and has earned the right to select #5 on the Freebie 5, replacing Ritchie"s Patrick Dempsey nomination - thank Goddess. I can"t wait for that creepy freak to get off my list. Which is why I"m very happy to welcome Ryan Gosling back on, per Marissa, until the end of April. Congratulations also to Linda B from Illinois who is the international winner with a $250 gift basket from Kiss & Makeup. And thanks to all of you for participating. There were a record number of ballots and I appreciate your patience with the results!

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