I"m a Dr. Burke girl myself but hey, I know when I"m in the minority and I think in this case, it"s probably 10 to 1. So here’s Patrick Dempsey at the market, hair tucked under a cap, filling in that t-shirt rather nicely, and then another shot of the perpetually unsmiling wife, further along than I thought she was, though I’m no expert on babies let alone two at the same time, and I wonder if they’ll make her less grumpy-looking or will a double dose add to the crank, and how is it possible to be crusty when there’s a McDreamy at home actually meaning it when he says, “I’m in love with you, I’ve been in love with you…forever”. Even I swooned at little last week… and – SPOILER AHEAD CAUTION!!! – McSteamy, shower, Thursday…stay tuned… Photo source