After 15 years of marriage, Patrick Dempsey and Jillian Fink are done. She was the one who filed and TMZ reports that there’s no prenup. Fink has hired Laura Wasser to handle the divorce on her side. And TMZ points to more signs that it could get ugly because according to sources, “she’s had a problem with his ego for a while now, which she thinks is out of control”.

You know, for years we’ve watched Dempsey and Fink on the red carpet. And for years she’s looked… pinched. Was it “his ego”? If “his ego” is indeed an issue, we’ve seen signs of its hunger. Way back. Before the comeback. Well before McDreamy and Frank Underwood. Is it because he wanted more than hit television and a racing hobby? Did he want Matthew McConaughey’s career? In his mind, he certainly paid his dues. Though, you could argue, everyone in Hollywood pays them from that position.