Patrick Dempsey in Madrid at the launch of the new Subaru wearing the hell outta that suit and a much more relaxed smile without Mrs Scowl infecting him with her lousy mood.

He’s expected back on set soon at Grey’s – long days, long nights after a long break which he reportedly enjoyed very much. Patrick of course is a professional and learned the hard way in his youth how to become one but word is he doesn’t love it on a tv show. He doesn’t love the intensity of the shooting schedule, he doesn’t love the direction of his character, he doesn’t love the lack of creativity.

Having said that, he does love the money. And the security for his family. And he has made it clear that he has no intention of choosing art over security any time soon. Which means McDreamy will be around for as long as the MiniVan Majority wants him to be. Praise Oprah.

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