The best McDreamy

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 23, 2009 16:47:34 March 23, 2009 16:47:34

He was never my quiver even at the height of Grey’s Anatomy. But I know he was/is for many of you. I’ve interviewed Patrick Dempsey – am happy to tell you in person he’s even more charming. Truly lovely. And sexy too but not in a skeevy way either.

It’s just… hard not see his wife’s bitch face, you know?

Here are my favourite photos of Patrick Dempsey, ever. He was at LAX today going through security. Love the way his shirt clings. Love the way his jacket drapes. Love that his smile reaches his eyes. Love how he leans. He looks great. More than great. He looks amazing.

Not enough to quiver because quiver is a mysterious thing, but enough for me to encourage yours. Quiver away. Please do.

Photos from MATINGAS/

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