When you actually need her???

If there was any time for Katherine Heigl to come out and run her mouth like she loves to do, it would have been yesterday as news spread of Brooke Smith’s firing because ABC couldn’t handle the MiniVan homo hate.

And yet the Crown Princess of AssTalk has remained curiously quiet.

No doubt the network is muzzling. Come to think of it, Heigl’s been muzzled for a while now, ever since she decided to get ungrateful about Grey’s writers being undeserving of a potential Emmy nomination. Moron.

If she hadn’t spewed her dumbassness back then, she could have had an opportunity to come out swinging for something that actually mattered.

Instead, and not surprisingly, the gaycists decided to send a female favourite out to quell the controversy, reinforcing Grey’s Anatomy primary objective: make the MiniVan happy.

Patrick Dempsey on Ellen.

He appears on her show today and when asked about why the lesbian storyline was killed, this is his response:

“ABC actually sends me over what I should [say]. ABC’s response … is that [I] should say: ‘We’ve had a great time working with her and that the conclusion of her [character] has been orgasmic’ — I’m sorry, I’m dyslexic! — ‘organic’ ending to the story line.’ “

That’s right honey. Read the script.

Patrick continues:

“Thursday night is her last show, which is too bad she has been great character. I don’t know what happened with that story line. They decided not to continue it for some reason.”

File photos from Wenn.com