For years, at the height of Grey’s Anatomy’s popularity, Patrick Dempsey was always second place. And back then – why am I talking like it was 1960? – Dr McDreamy was just as buzzy as Don Draper. And remember, on a main network like ABC, Grey’s ratings dwarfed Mad Men. But the Sexiest Man Alive is a Movie Star. Patrick learned this over and over again, and Jon Hamm is being dealt the same card.

People keep saying on the TV LiveBlog that this season is the best that Grey’s has been in a long, long time. But as we also discussed on the liveblog, television show management is like relationship management. Are you the type to take someone back after repeat breakups? Or do you walk away and never turn back? I’m the walk away and never turn back kind. Once I quit a show, I don’t want to get back together with it again. Ever. So Grey’s and I are done.

However, I can always appreciate a good Patrick Dempsey moment. And he provided one on Kimmel when asked about the SMA:

Attached – Dempsey at the Avon gala a couple of weeks ago.

Photos from ABC/Adam Larkey and Jason Kempin/Dimitrios Kambouris/