Spring Break is one of the best parts of university. Um. Maybe the best part of university. I lived for Spring Break. And I certainly did a LOT of living during Spring Break. That’s why I’m happy I don’t have a kid. Because I don’t know how I’d tell my kid not to live during Spring Break when the living I did during Spring Break took care of a lot of my…curiosity.

So did you hear about the guy who started a crowdfunding post to raise money to get to Miami for Spring Break because his girlfriend booked a trip there and he’s worried that she’ll cheat on him when she’s away? Click here to read about it.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Thanks Nadia!)

Dude’s not getting any of my money and, well, sure, where is the trust but, at the same time, having been that age, on Spring Break, I feel his pain. I do. Especially in Miami. Because, well…


Which is where we find Miley Cyrus’s boyfriend, Patrick Schwarzenegger. Except he’s in Mexico, not Miami. And look at these pictures – click here. Bikinis, body shots, girls, girls, girls…

And no Miley.

My first point: you remember when people were all like, OMG, Miley with her weed and her sh-t is corrupting this nice son of Maria Shriver and I was like, um, this LA KID has no problem corrupting himself? Yeah. That.

Second point: even though Patrick has tweeted several denials about how wrong the Photo Assumption in these photos is…







If you’re 21, can you go to Mexico and have fun on Spring Break, like REAL FUN, with a girlfriend?

I wasn’t capable of it. But I don’t have Kennedy and Schwarzenegger blood running through me.

This kid has Kennedy AND Schwarzenegger blood in him. And he claims infidelity is anathema to him.