New photos of Paul McCartney and the greedy Heather leaving a restaurant with Bea, clearly getting on much better than they have in ages.

The new civilised relations stem from what’s being reported as a truce – that they’ve come to terms on their acrimonious divorce so as to avoid any more stress handed down to their young daughter. Rumoured tentative terms include:

- a million pounds advanced to Heather seen as a payment for recent good behaviour
- a further promise from Paul to finalise the split by 2008 that will see Heather VERY well compensated
- they will celebrate his 65th birthday together next month
- she will not move to America, as she had been threatening to do after her run on Dancing with the Stars.

Apparently this was the turning point for Paul. Faced with the prospect of having his daughter thousands of miles away from him, he has now relented and given the bitch what she wants…

Masterful golddiggery, non?