Time and again, she pushes the limits of her craft, redefining and perfecting Golddiggery at every turn. KFed and his Junior (the one who married Tori Spelling) should be watching and learning. Heather Mills is a genius.

So she and Paul were expected to nail down their divorce agreement yesterday with an offer from him for a reported 60 million pounds – over $120 million – and a commitment from both sides not to publicly discuss their private affairs.

Unfortunately for Sir Paul, this became the sticking point. Heather was supposedly willing to go with £15 million less for the right to yap as often and as loudly as possible about their marriage, knowing full well that publishing deals and speaking engagements and eventual movie offers about “her remarkable life” will yield far more than that in the long run.

If she gets her way, she publicly exploits their marriage for profit AND gets to spew her lies. On the other hand, by insisting – for now – on doing away with the confidentiality cause, she forces Paul’s hand into giving her more money. £60 million of course was never the original goal. The original goal was probably close to £150 million. Remember – McCartney is a billionaire. And she knows it.

Cunning little bitch, non?

Here they are at the hearing yesterday which ended at an impasse. UK gossips are now predicting a settlement will not be reached amicably and that the two will scrap it out in court where she will likely eat him alive.

He’s no match for her. There really is NO match for this kind of manipulative brilliance. Heather Mills could probably wither even Madonna.