She has taken golddigging to a whole new level. Because while KFed may have married a Britney, Heather Mills went and scored herself a Beatle. Not only that but she also totally screwed him over and will also get paid in the process.

This is why the woman is an inspiration to greedy f&ckers just like her. She is the model example for KFed and his Junior, although if I were KFed Jr, after today’s report, I’d leave Tori Spelling in five minutes and hop on a plane for Heather who is about to become an obscenely wealthy woman.

Word is Heather and Sir Paul are thisclose to nailing down a settlement – the most lucrative in British history – that would see her walking away with around 60 million POUNDS, still significantly less than what she was originally asking for but obviously enough to keep her well behaved.

And though McCartney initially had every intention of fighting her baseless allegations, he was advised that to do so would involve an ugly and lengthy public dispute with, needless to say, unpredictable consequences for his young child. As such, he relented and focused instead on negotiating Heather down to an amount he could stomach.

Bitch will get £15 right up front and up to £3.5 million a year until daughter Beatrice turns 18.

Lying and blackmail totally pay off, see?