With Avengers: Age of Ultron less than a month from opening—and now screening for critics, who are almost universally singing its praises—Marvel isn’t focusing much yet on their other movie this year, Ant-Man. That’ll change soon enough, but for now Ant-Man is quietly going about re-shoots, now SOP for all Marvel movies, and there are photos of Paul Rudd and co-star Michael Pena on set in downtown Los Angeles. Rudd turned 46 this week, and I really want to know where he’s finding the unicorns whose blood he’s drinking to maintain his youth. HE DOESN’T AGE.

I’ve heard really encouraging things about Ant-Man, perhaps most encouraging because the good word isn’t coming directly from Marvel, so it’s not just company people towing the party line. We’ll always wonder what could have been with Edgar Wright, but it sounds like director Peyton Reed pulled off a minor miracle, aided by the script rewritten by Adam McKay and Rudd. The highlights are Rudd, naturally, and Michael Douglas as a cranky, older Hank Pym. They’re said to have great chemistry, and they have a scene in which they ask the one question that plagues these movies in very funny fashion. Guardians of the Galaxy was supposed to be Marvel’s misfire, and instead it turned into one of their biggest hits. Now Ant-Man is marked as their weakest link, but I don’t know. I think this one might surprise everyone. Re-posting the trailer.