Two months ago a rumor emerged that Paul Rudd was a finalist for Marvel’s Ant Man, and though I liked the idea of Rudd as part of the Marvel universe, I was cautious simply because of all of Marvel’s projects, Ant Man is the least-known (and there has already been a lot of BS circulated about it). But now Variety is confirming their lead of two months ago—Paul Rudd has entered negotiations to play Ant Man in Edgar Wright’s movie.

But we still don’t know which Ant Man he is playing. The classic alter-ego is scientist Hank Pym, but there’s also a more modern version called Scott Lang, who assumes the identity of Ant Man after stealing Pym’s invention. And the thing about casting Rudd, he’d work as either Pym or Lang. So, even though we now have an official Ant Man, we’re still in the dark about everything else to do with Wright’s movie, from which villain he’ll be fighting to who his female lead is. There’s already a rumor about the latter, that Rudd’s real-life friend Rashida Jones is being considered to play Janet Van Dyne (aka The Wasp and Hank Pym’s wife).

Paul Rudd and maybe Rashida Jones? It’s official: Marvel is gunning for the last anti-superhero holdouts by casting the most likeable people in Hollywood.

Attached – Paul Rudd at the Anchorman premiere last week.