This is for my friend Michelle. She is all about Paul Rudd. And why not? It is his time.

Michelle will love him more, I think, after this?

Paul Rudd on Sesame Street (thanks Bernice!) having fun with the kids while promoting kindness to the Earth. He does a great Billy Idol. Not sure if it’s old or new but whatever, it’s timeless. Adorable and sweet and totally a normal dude finally getting his due. Sometimes Hollywood works out the way you want it to.

Paul Rudd on Sesame Street

Attached – Paul today with his wife Julie in New York grabbing a cab and looking surprisingly hot. The hair. It’s talking to me. Also I think it’s because his body is obscured. This matters because I always feel like his head and the rest are the same size. I am fickle and shallow and don’t deserve him.

Photos from Jason Winslow/