I want you to join me in being thankful for what Paula gave us last night. I want you to be thankful that someone came to give us the fun. To give us some pure joy. To remind us that these nights, they are for entertainment, for OUR entertainment. They tell you they want to celebrate their achievements, but they’re incapable of celebrating them without an audience. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be on TV. So our pleasure is just as important as theirs. And so many of them took away our pleasure with their sh-tty fake bobs and their ruffles last night, thanks God one person remembered that we need the laughs too.

Previous examples of the laughs include this:

Can you believe we forgot to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Lara Flynn Boyle’s tutu?

Also Bjork’s swan.

Paula’s not verging on demented dancing fowl territory, but for last night, she did do her best to play the part: comedy, unintentional perhaps but still. I’d take 5 of these over whatever it was that Claire Danes was wearing.

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