There are two ways you can do it:

You can be stone-faced and not answer questions, so that the world can see that your husband sucks. Or you can smile through it, so that the world can see that your husband sucks, and how much better off you are for it that you’ve left.

Paula Patton chose option #2.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

With option #1, the narrative that would follow is obvious: oh look at poor Paula Patton, she’s devastated/furious/humiliated because her husband is a douchebag. Immediately she’s a victim.

By smiling here, in the video below, you can’t attach “sad face” to her picture. You could say she’s hiding her pain behind a cheerful demeanor but the point is, she’s not giving you an excuse to feel sorry for her. If you don’t think there were at least three phone calls about this strategizing her “look”, you don’t know Hollywood.

Meanwhile, Robin is resuming his tour tonight just outside Washington, DC after cancelling three shows for personal reasons. Supposedly he doesn’t want this and will push as hard as he can for Paula to change her mind. At least that’s what we’re supposed to believe. There’s also the possibility that that’s just how they decided to sell it to us in exchange for his freedom to finger whoever he wants to now.

Like, I can totally imagine her saying come on, motherf-cker, after all you’ve done to embarrass me, just give me this. Let me save what little dignity I have and come out of it looking good. Because you at least owe me that.

I’ve never found Paula Patton more interesting. I want her to know this.