This is the cover for the new issue of FLARE -- Paulina Gretzky, daughter of Canadian legend Wayne, who, according to the magazine, “has set her sights on the entertainment business”. Which is a great way of saying she just wants to be famous.

I wrote about Paulina back in May when she’d posted all kinds of leg-spready party shots of herself on Instagram and her dad was mortified, especially since she’d already had to suspend her Twitter a few months before, ostensibly for the same thing. TMZ had also posted a video of her running around town with her ass hanging out and as I noted at the time, “this girl wants it so bad and so hard and it is happening SOON”.

Will 2013 be the year of Paulina Gretzky? There’s a reality show cycle -- untalented but well connected rich girl hot mess rises to top: Ebola Paris Hilton was replaced by Kanye West’s girlfriend, and now ...who’s next?

Well, Paulina’s trying.

And, this time at least, since I can’t imagine the FLARE shoot was not first approved by her dad, she’s clothed.

Still...clothed or not... even on the cover of FLARE, they couldn’t quite get rid of the air of, um, Spring Break Girl that seems to define Paulina’s style. Look at that hair. Can you imagine what FLARE’s creative director must have thought of this hair? That’s the difficulty of working with “celebrities” and “personalities”, isn’t it? When you’re styling models, the priority is the aesthetic, only. And the professionals know best. In this case though, well, I’m not sure the professionals were allowed to do their jobs. Because what you’re seeing here... is far below the usual standard of Canada’s Fashion Magazine.

So they must have been promised a good, revealing interview. And the cover text seems to suggest that too. Click here for more of Paulina Gretzky in FLARE’s February issue. Oh! Apparently she has a new album coming out.