Pitts 2 and 4 out for ice cream

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 19, 2010 14:01:34 April 19, 2010 14:01:34

Pax and The Chosen One were photographed out with their grandparents today on an ice cream errand. Not sure where Pitts 1 and 3 were at. Maybe Miss Zahara couldn't be bothered to leave the house today. Sometimes a baby bitchface just wants to be left alone, you know?

I'm no expert like a Brangelunatic but this one seems to be a rare number combination. Normally 1 and 2 are out together and 3 and 4 do the girly thing and 5 and 6 get Holy together. We're mixing it up now. Perhaps soon it'll be an old school sighting - 1 and 3 Maddox and Miss Z kickin' it like back in the day when their parents first became a pop culture monster. Remember Alberta? And France and Berlin? Or is it just me? My Brange catalogue approaching is approaching lunatic levels.

Photos from INFphoto

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