Riding sidecar

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 3, 2012 19:19:13 January 3, 2012 19:19:13

You remember that exchange in Garden State? (I wonder if I would still love that movie watching it now instead of 7 years ago.) When Zach Braff offers Natalie Portman a ride home and sheΓÇÖs like, IΓÇÖm not riding sidecar, sidecars are for bitches?

For most people, yes.

For Pax Pitt... not at all.

Pax PittΓÇÖs riding sidecar and making his dad his the bitch. But SO cute, right?

How cute are these pictures???

Check out Pax on a field trip with dad to the supermarket yesterday, no doubt sending his siblings into spasms of jealousy having their father all to himself, and out for an adventure on the bike for a change instead of the boring old family SUV, their usual form of travel. Does he go home and brag about it? Does he taunt his sister Shiloh Shax on the ones and twos?

EveryoneΓÇÖs favourite tabloid story from the holidays, right? According to In Touch (via Celebitchy), the Chosen One idolises her brothers Maddox and Pax so much she wants an X too - Shax Pitt. Pax and Shax! If I ever wanted to start a clothing line, thatΓÇÖs totally what IΓÇÖd call it. And the logo would be Pax and Shax riding sidecar.


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