You stupid f-ck?

I’m normally a Peaches apologist. Maybe because I have a friend who looks like her. Maybe it’s the anglophile in me. Definitely it’s all the drama. But there’s drama and then there’s ignorance. And this bitch right here is a f-cking dumbass.

Do you know what you’re wearing?

Her boyfriend obviously never saw what she was wearing. Because Peaches is dating Eli Roth. And while Eli Roth is a crazy motherf-cker, racist is not an attribute I’d assign to him. Or her father, best known for his Third World advocacy against modern slavery of African nations to the cycle of poverty, government debt, and disease.

So is Peaches pro-slavery? I honestly don’t think so. I just think she’s a member of the Stupid Generation. And the Stupid Generation knows nothing of iconography. Which is why there are 18 year old kids running around wearing Che Guevara tee-shirts who have no idea who he actually was.

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