Javier Bardem dropped out of Nine just after winning the Oscar for Best Supporting actor this year citing “exhaustion” as the reason, making way for Daniel Day Lewis to step into the singing dancing role. It’ll be a trip. Can’t wait.

Javy has been very low profile during his time off, as has his lover Penelope Cruz. Lover seems a more appropriate word for the two… almost as though boyfriend girlfriend would be belittling their Spanish sizzle. 

Both turned up separately, but still together, last night at the LA premiere of Vicky Cristina Barcelona to support Woody Allen – a sweet but futile effort since the film is almost guaranteed to go straight to dvd. 

Looks like Pene has finally rid herself of all traces of Tom Cruise. She is restored, she is gorgeous, and she is sleeping with that sexy ass beast Javier Bardem. Smart she didn’t give him a child. A future this free is not in store for Katie. 

Photos from Wenn.com and Flynetonline.com