Monday morning 4am – as I mentioned earlier I was waiting for a pick up at the Roosevelt with eTalk host Ben Mulroney when we saw Orly just getting back from post-Oscar partying. He went upstairs, came back downstairs to an SUV full of eager girls waiting inside. When he opened the back door they were giggling, a lot of negotiation going on – should we, shouldn’t we…remember back in high school? When you and your friends met up with him and his friends and there’s always that moment before the decision, when you didn’t want to seem to eager but you also didn’t want to go home and the boys retreated to a corner and the girls retreated to a corner, and the boys would joke and jock around and make bets on who would get blown first and the girls would hum and haw and analyse it to death before finally coming together in the end anyway? Well that’s exactly what was going on outside the Roosevelt. The girls were in the car, Orly and his friend were waiting outside the car, then one of the girls started changing her shirt, then he opened the door and they squealed, then he jumped in with his friends and slammed the door, only to re-emerge a few minutes later, giggling all of them, he escorted them off to a side entrance and came round in front again. I’m still smoking my cigarette, he passes by clearly in a good mood because when he made eye contact he said to me – Hello there! How was your night then! And I was like, Great! And you? To which he replied – fantastic, yeah, yeah, always, always, always a good night, you know? And then he smiled like he expected me to lose my sh-t right then and there and when I didn’t answer, he took one last leer and hopped inside to join his fan club which did NOT include Penelope Cruz, no matter how hard their publicists keep trying. PS. The girls? They looked barely 20. No surprise there, right? At least he knows where to troll for success.