Cruz emerges

Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 13, 2006 12:00:00 June 13, 2006 12:00:00
It"s as if she heard our pleas, gossips. Check out the adorably pudgy Cruz Beckham wearing Daddy"s #7 and looking remarkably like his brother Romeo. Heard from a friend in London today who was able to observe Mother Posh with the boys at the airport on the way to Germany last week. Contrary to the widely held belief that she leaves all the icky domestic details to her mother, Vicky actually deigned to change Cruz"s nappies. In front of an audience, of course but still... it had to be quite the ordeal, especially with those long and low classy acrylics. As for the simmering feud with Elle Macpherson - here"s the scoop. You know all about the Beckhams pre-World Cup party, right? It was a huge bash, everyone who is anyone in London and beyond showed up, and several sources far and wide reported that Elle was practically grinding herself on David"s lap. Needless to say, Victoria was furious. But she also chose not to confront the supermodel hussy during the festivities. After all, throwing a successful par-tay is much more important than marking your territory. So she let it slide, which obviously was a big mistake because her silence actually emboldened The Body to the point where she apparently started musing about heading over to Deutschland herself. And I"m told that when that got back to Vicky, she hit the roof. Word is, she has given strict instructions to her operatives to let her know if and when Elle arrives. She also made it clear that under no circumstances will Elle be allowed to get within a stadium"s length of David. And in the most kick ass move ever, rumour has it, she made sure the warning got back to Elle, almost challenging her to break through the Vindictive Wife Fortress. The consequence of a security breach, you ask? Hair extensions everywhere, y"all. Elle with her unbalanced past, Victoria with her 15 karat knuckles and her lingering embarassment over the Loos situation - it would be a furious collision and perhaps the catfight of all time. Pray Goddess, please let it happen. Anyway, here"s another good shot of Posh (thanks to CK) wearing the cutest outfit ever - if only because I"m an anglophile and worship the stylish way she"s cheering on her man. And for the record, I am deliberately ignoring all those hideous reports from the UK about him barely being able to stand her these days. In my mind, they are plastic perfection. We all have our illusions ok? Some people prefer to believe that SJP is a style icon, some people choose to ignore the fact that Jennifer Aniston loves "happy" and has frauded most of her fan base. I on the other hand have shoved my head in the Beckham fantasy toilet and have no plans to come out. Thank you for indulging me.

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