Post by Duana

I can accept that Penelope Cruz' dress is not great. And that she sticks to silhouettes that are saaaafe. She has a crazy body, but you'll never see her doing a Gyllenhaal. That's fine. Not everyone is to be loved for their avant-garde-ness or excellent choice in stylists. But the red was a minor win for me in that I'm so bored of Pene in A) black tiny ruffles B) pink tiny ruffles C) some other pretend colour's tiny ruffles.

However, it's hard to care when she's sitting next to Javier looking RADIANT and holding hands and generally looking like that couple who found each other halfway through 12th grade and you kind of want to hate them for being so in love but at the same time you realize that's actually a match that's going to work.

She looks delighted and like her guard is down for the first time in awhile. Rumour has it she's generally lovely but I always thought she wasn't the type who would go on a frantic, giggly shopping trip with you at lunch. And now she looks so open, all of a sudden. Funny how finding one person can make you so open to so many others, right?

I think I've just talked myself into not wanting to hear it if she's ever accused of misbehaving. A bias is born!

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