A lot of my friends are pregnant a lot. So I do know that you’re not supposed to travel once you’ve passed a certain month. Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem have been in California since Christmas. They went to a movie in Hollywood last night. And the baby is due this month. So … it’ll be an LA baby then? This is where I get into territory that is none of my goddamn business. Because…

Why not a Spanish baby?

Maybe it’s a privacy thing.

I’m telling you, the Euro press is bold, even crazy. Somehow, if they could, they’d find their way into her delivery room and stick a microphone in her face between contractions. Given that these two are like royalty over there, maybe they thought they’d be able to control the situation more in America. Also, there’s still a late push for Javier for a nomination for Biutiful. Not a bad idea to stick around for that too.

I want to know the name. I bet you it’ll be a great name.

Photos from Flynetonline.com