It’s a happy day today for my husband Jacek. First we are leaving for Whistler later for 6 days. And it feels like Penelope Cruz is sending him off.

Pene is in London today with Pedro Almodovar at the premiere of their film Broken Embraces which received mixed reviews at Cannes. Please. Anything by Almodovar is infinitely superior to 95% of what’s released in North America. This must be why Broken Embraces still can’t find distribution here. But The Ugly Truth still attracts the dumbs.

She looks amazing in that red suit, non? really love the way those pants are around her waist.

Couple of weeks ago, Pene was on vacation with Javier Bardem and you BumpWatch freaks claimed there was a baby. This, as you know, is not my specialty. And her ensemble today isn’t giving much away. But you by all means, study every angle and let me know.

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