Written by Jacek

I feel obligated to provide a Penelope Cruz update each time I post. Partly because she’s infinitely hot, but also because whenever I write (which for the good of the site is very infrequently), she’s photographed somewhere. It’s the same with Lily Allen showing some boob, although the day is more than half way done and that hasn’t happened yet.

Here’s hot Pene at a photo call for Broken Embraces in Rome this past weekend with director Pedro Almodovar. Hot as usual but if I might, a little less make-up next time.

Tons of make-up drives me nuts. Lainey does TV hits all the time and before she leaves she usually has about 3 pounds of foundation on. She tells me it’s because of the lighting and cameras etc. I suppose that’s valid.


Jacek’s beauty tip of the day: Keep it fresh and simple with just a little eyeliner and a touch of lipstick.

Written by Jacek

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