She was very, VERY close to being named Worst Dressed. But Duana is taking that on with a rather controversial choice. You’ll see it later.

I do loath EVERYTHING about Penelope Cruz’s Armani last night though. Mr Armani is missing more than he hits these days. Let’s start with the colour. I don’t know why someone like Penelope Cruz is wearing a colour that pretty much dies as soon as it hit her. This is what lavender IS. This is what violet is. It’s for greeting cards and weddings. It’s for placemats and community centre finger painting. It really should not be for Penelope at the Oscars and in something so unimaginative and OLD. And I’m not talking age here, I’m taking creative design. Prosaic comes to mind. Lazy too.

Oh I know you’ll say it’s “classic Hollywood” and some styles never go out of style and that throwing back sometimes to 1950 isn’t necessarily a bad thing, sure.

But there is nothing about this here that you couldn’t buy off the rack, nowhere near custom, and not be able to tell the difference. A dress like that doesn’t belong on a best list. Nowhere near it.