Just in case you thought I was exaggerating when I told you about being mistaken for Tila Tequila by an ignorant dude who can’t tell his Asians apart…

It’s not as uncommon as you might think.

We fellow yellows can confound even the editors of a major US publication.

His name is Rain. He is Korea’s biggest star. So big there may not be an adequate hyperbole to describe his level of fame. Rain is now crossing over, selling out shows around the world including North America and also signing onto acting roles in Hollywood. He can currently be seen in Speed Racer. But you wouldn’t know that because no one saw Speed Racer last weekend. Speed Racer was a colossal flop. I digress.

The point is, to introduce Rain to the MiniVan Majority, People Magazine featured him in their current issue. See attached.

It’s a great write- up and would have been a wonderful coup to build Rain’s profile…only the photo they used isn’t actually of Rain. Pictured on the page here instead is Karl Yune, also an actor, brother of Rick Yune (former boyfriend of Lisa Ling) but no relation to Rain. Believe it or not, we Asians don’t all have grandmas called Mrs Wong.


Funny… or offensive?

Me I think it’s funny because it happens all the time. People think Tanya Kim, the host of eTalk, and I are the same person. Some man approached her last week, had a full blown, face to face conversation with her about the Costume Institute Gala, thinking all the while it was me, and then went home and told his wife about the encounter. She emailed me the next morning about it and I was like… sorry, I was all the way across Canada yesterday – not in Toronto.

On the flip side, once a month, at least, I receive an email from someone asking me about the gold dress, or the green dress, or the red dress I was wearing on the show last night only to inevitably be told that I wasn’t on the show last night but TK was.

Here’s a photo of TK and me at the Oscars. I guess all Asians really do look the same? In all fairness, when we Asians are dressed up as Hello Kitties, which is often enough, I can’t tell us apart either.

Source ONTD