Sienna Miller is suing a pap agency and a UK tabloid for taking and publishing nude photos of her frolicking on the beach with a married man. Something about a violation of privacy. Rosetta Getty would say – how about a violation of my marriage?

The Tabloid Wars are heating up.

As mentioned last week, Us Weekly has chosen to stand with Team Sienna, reporting that Balthazar and Rosetta were done before Sienna and Balty started their nipple sucking in Italy.

"Sienna is not a homewrecker. It’s been over with [Getty] and his wife for some time."

If you still haven’t seen the images, click here. A new set is also on its way – more pictures of the two unable to keep their hands off each other.

On the other side is People Magazine. Even though they usually have their heads shoved way up the asses of celebrities, People has decided to side with Rosetta, and took the war up a notch today, directly refuting Us Weekly’s pro-Sienna statements and quoting from sources close to Balty’s ex wife that:

"Balthazar and Rosetta were in no way separated when Balthazar began his relationship with Sienna Miller, and any implication otherwise is an absolute lie. Balthazar's affair has been utterly devastating to Rosetta and her family."

It’s a bold move…especially for People, considering that they may risk alienating Sienna in the long term. Having said that, Sienna is easy to despise. And she is exactly the kind of threatening nubile young beauty that the MiniVan Majority can mobilise against in half a second. People is not going to risk alienating its readership. And if it can stick it to Janice Min and Us Weekly in the process…even better.