Oh reeeeeallly X 2

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 17, 2009 15:23:33 November 17, 2009 15:23:33

Say it like Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers. Oh reeeeeee-leeeeee?

Two instances of Oh Really have come up today.

The first…

How about the ass-licking People.com?

Earlier today I wrote this article about Lindsay Lohan’s broke ass ways. Near the end of the post, I included a link to a People.com article commenting that if even People was ragging on her crank, she must be in the total sh-ts. This is the link. But now, if you click on that link, it’s gone. It goes to a “page not found”. (Thanks Melissa!)

People.com still has it on their home page – screen cap is attached – but when you try to open up the title, it once again brings up a “page not found”.

Oh really?

What happened?

And when will an airy fairy positive story about Lindsay Lohan be posted on People.com?

Probably sooner than she can snort. After all, they did publish an airy fairy story about Chris Brown and he beat down his girl over and over again.


How about this feature in the Huffington Post (thanks Elise and Brooke!) on Granny Freeze and Third Lip. There’s a poll asking readers about Third Lip. Would you believe that a majority of respondents don’t believe that Third Lip exists? That Granny Freeze hasn’t had any work…?

Oh really???

Are they blind?

Have a look at Third Lip. Third Lip is slapping you in the face. And still the MiniVan Majority cannot see it, cannot accept it. People are DUMB.

Kidman photo from awfulplasticsurgery.com

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